Triple Play Internet Service in Ghana – iBrowse

We offer unlimited data for all our packages. We also offer dedicated internet and our speeds can be measured through doing speed tests at any time. We provide filtered internet and therefore we have a very safe network.

Customers of iBrowse are able to pay for their monthly subscriptions online via Visa Card /Master Card, Mobile Money or pay directly to bank account of iBrowse. We accept Tigo CashMTN Money and Airtel Money on our payment platform.

We have a transparent structure. Our forms are online as well as our terms of service. We also advertise all our prices on our website.

We offer a 24/7 Customer Service / Helpdesk Service. We also offer local support from all our local offices in Ghana. We also promise to install customers within 48 hours of going through our processes.

Join iBrowse now for the wow factor and the kingly service.

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